Carlsbad $168M infrastructure plan nears completion

Possible revisions to the City of Carlsbad’s Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (ICIP) continued this week as City Councilors provided input on the five-year project planning guide.

City of Carlsbad Municipal Services Director Angie Barrios-Testa said staffers reviewed last year’s ICIP which ran from fiscal year 2022 through 2026.

The proposed ICIP starts in fiscal year 2023 and runs through 2027. Fifty-two municipal and five senior citizens facility projects were part of the proposal, read City Council documents.

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Estimated cost of the projects for the five-year period was $163 million, per the proposed ICIP.

The top item on the list was waterline replacements for the City of Carlsbad’s Double Eagle Water System, read the ICIP.

To date, $500,000 was set aside to plan, construct, design and replace existing waterlines in the Double Eagle well fields. The City sought an additional $4.5 million for project completion, read the ICIP.

From left:Carlsbad City Councilors Lisa Anaya-Flores, Mark Walterscheid, Jason Shirley and JJ Chavez listen to a presentation during the Aug. 10, 2021 Carlsbad City Council meeting.

The City requested $1.5 million in fiscal year’s 2023, 2024 and 2025, the ICIP indicated.

The Double Eagle Water System was located 30 miles northeast of Carlsbad, read the city’s website.

Second on the proposed list was an $11.5 million bridge and bike lanes at Boyd Drive and Radio Boulevard. So far, the City secured $100,000 and an additional $1.36 million for fiscal year 2023.