Carlsbad Current-Argus welcomes education reporter

Claudia Silva said criticism of journalists angered and emboldened her enough to grab her camera and head out to tell the stories that needed telling in her hometown of El Paso, Texas last year.

She captured images of inmates carrying bodies – victims of COVID-19 –  out of the El Paso Medical Examiner’s Office. 

One inmate noticed her, signed a heart with his hands, and continued his work. The images were published in New Mexico In Depth along with a column Silva penned about the experience.

Claudia Silva, Carlsbad Current-Argus education reporter

“These were guys who made a mistake. They were doing the work nobody wanted to do. They were just doing it because they wanted a chance to get out of their cells,” she said of the inmates.

“I felt like I connected with them as a person who’s been through some struggles. It made me feel like I have to keep doing good things.”