Carlsbad gets $4M in State money for major sewer work

Major improvements to Carlsbad’s sewer system are forthcoming after $4 million in State funding was secured by the City of Carlsbad.

Aug. 24, Carlsbad’s City Council approved two Capital Outlay appropriations for a sewer line extension along Old Cavern Highway and renovations at the Bataan Sanitary Sewer Lift Station, said City of Carlsbad Utilities Director Ron Myers.

According to the New Mexico Legislature’s website,  Capital Outlay funds are used to build, improve or equip physical property that will be used by the public.

“In New Mexico, state capital outlay is authorized by the Legislature and generally is nonrecurring – one-time – money. Because of provisions in the New Mexico Constitution, capital outlay can only be used for government-owned facilities,” per the website.

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