City Council approves road easement for new Xcel Energy power station

The City of Carlsbad granted an easement agreement Sept. 28 for a new Xcel Energy substation, read City Council documents.

Xcel subsidiary Southwestern Public Service Company (SPS) requested a 30 feet easement on city owned property near Ocotillo Elementary School to install electric utility facilities, said City of Carlsbad Administrator John Lowe in a memorandum to councilors.

According to maps, the new Caveman Substation was located near the property owned by the City of Carlsbad and the Spring Farms Property.

A screen capture from the Sept. 28, 2021 Carlsbad City Council meeting shows an easement granted to Xcel Energy for a new substation near Ocotillo Elementary School.

In his memo, Lowe said the City owned nearly 12 acres of land west of Ocotillo Elementary School. The easement runs across the northern boundary of the property.

“SPS has the right to install, operate, relocate, construct, reconstruct, add to, maintain, inspect, patrol, enlarge, repair, and replace utility facilities for the transmission and distribution of electricity upon, over, under, and across the property included in the easement and to remove utility facilities from the property,” read part of the agreement.