Community mourns passing of Eva Anaya

We wish to offer our condolences to the family of Eva Anaya, who passed away over the weekend. She and her husband, Ray, worked tirelessly for children and families in this community for 50 years in hopes of providing disadvantaged children with a Merry Christmas. Ray passed away in 2013, and he was later inducted into Carlsbad’s Hall of Fame. Eva and Ray’s philanthropic efforts are continuing through the efforts of their children – please continue to support their wonderful Christmas Anonymous program.

May is brain tumor awareness month and local residents are especially asking everyone to wear grey in memory of Zachary Ornelas, who tragically passed away last year. “Team Zach” conducted outreach efforts across the country. Last week, Ervie Ornelas did a walk for Zach and encouraged everyone passing to honk their horns in support of brain tumor awareness. Zach’s brave efforts made a difference in brain tumor awareness, and we are proud that our community continues to be a leader in this effort.

Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway

One of our nearby national parks was in the news this weekend. Apparently, cameras at Guadalupe Mountains National Park recorded a photo of a mountain lion-who was wearing a collar. The park has not collared its cats for several decades, so they aren’t sure where this mountain lion came from. They have reached out to local researchers to try to identify the cat and its collar, with no luck. If anyone recognizes the cat, please contact Dr. Mike Medrano at 915-828-3251 ext. 2400.