Prominent Eddy County road projects part of long term DOT plans

An Eddy County road grader performs dirt work on the side of Illinois Camp Road near Artesia on April 27, 2021.

Increased construction costs of New Mexico Department of Transportation (DOT) projects prompted changes to a long term improvement plan, said a DOT spokesperson.

Manon Arnett, DOT District 2 spokesperson from Roswell, said federal and state funds were reallocated to projects based on updated engineer’s estimates and funding awarded through the 2021 New Mexico Legislative Session.

“So DOT will bond some funding to complete priority projects. The amount received from House Bill 2 for District 2 is $28 million and bond fund amount is $34 million. This funding is in addition to the District 2 annual allocation of around $30 million,” she said. 

Arnett said DOT amended a portion of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) from 2020 through 2025 on May 17 and amendments consisted of funding updates, fiscal year changes and addition and deletion of projects.