State awards $15K to Keep Carlsbad Beautiful for cleanup projects

More than $10,000 for an equipment trailer and a youth intern are part of a State grant for Keep Carlsbad Beautiful approved by the Carlsbad City Council.

In a memorandum to councilors from City of Carlsbad Utilities Director Ron Myers, the City was awarded a $15,000 grant through the New Mexico Department of Tourism’s Keep New Mexico Clean and Beautiful Grant for the current fiscal year.

Councilors approved the grant July 13 during a regular City Council meeting.

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Keep Carlsbad Beautiful Director Mary Garwood said the grant included $4,900 for an equipment trailer and $5,760 for a youth intern.

She said the internship was open to anyone from ages 16 to 25 and office work and social media posts are part of the job description.

“A lot of what we’re doing over the last couple years is really revolving around social media and that takes up a lot of my time,” Garwood said.

Trash and debris are all that left days after a flash flood swept away a homeless encampment in Southern Carlsbad.

She said the intern would help out at the multiple trash cleanups Keep Carlsbad Beautiful conducts yearly around the City and Eddy County.

“That is something I’m most excited about. Because it will be a chance to mentor someone and can learn the inner workings of the City, the government, and partnering with all the other community partners. It’s going to be important for that young person to realize how important it is to have partnerships in the community,” Garwood.