What to know about surgery during the pandemic

Six Mile Dam improvements

The City of Carlsbad partnered with several local companies and organizations to make improvements to Six Mile Dam.

Pictured, left to right, Tracy Hughes, Mayor Dale Janway, Mary Garwood and Deanna Taylor, Marco Villarreal and Tina Tiffany with Conoco Phillips, Ty Allen and Eamon Brennan with BLM, Clint Cone with Sender, Sonny Granado with Creed, Ernie Najera with Southeast Readi Mix, and Sandi Wilkie and Ray Keller with Carlsbad SWCD.

What to know about surgery during the pandemic

The thought of having surgery for a nagging injury or lingering pain can make some patients feel uneasy.  But, as many experts have said over the last few months, it is extremely important not to neglect medical needs during the pandemic.

Murugan Athigaman Md

Patients can feel confident seeking the medical care they need at Carlsbad Medical Center.  Numerous steps have been put in place to keep patients safe during their visits, including:

  • Screening all visitors for COVID-19 exposure and symptoms before they are allowed to enter.
  • Visitor restrictions reduce the number of people inside to enable social distancing and keep patients and employees safe.
  • Facemasks are worn by everyone inside the hospital – patients, employees and physicians.
  • Caregivers are using appropriate personal protective equipment and washing hands before and after caring for every patient.
  • Cleaning protocols have been enhanced with extra measures and increased frequency, including disinfection of frequently touched surfaces and all patient care areas.
  • Furniture in waiting areas arranged to support social distancing.