Zia Bike & Board Shop opens in downtown Carlsbad

The inventory at Zia Bike & Board Shop includes clothes, safety gear, parts and of course plenty of bikes and both skate boards for land and paddle boards for water.

Robbie Franco wanted to share his joy of riding bicycles with Carlsbad through his new business, the Zia Bike & Board Shop.

Franco said he began riding bikes as a child, but became a serious rider about three years ago when he picked it up as a form of exercise.

“I grew up riding bikes. Now it’s more trail riding or going to the Beach or going to the hills,” Franco said.

“Carlsbad’s needed a place like this for a while, especially during the pandemic everyone started getting into bikes. Skateboards have been around for years and years just like biking but this community didn’t have any place to take bikes to fix them or to get new parts. I figured I’d bring this to the community.”